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The Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics lab at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences develops algorithms and software for pharmaceutical research. Our fields of research include the modeling of molecular interactions, prediction of biological effects of molecules, and identification of potential new drug agents.

About Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

New methods from systems biology like comparative analyses of genome sequences nowadays provide a better understanding of cell biology. This knowledge allows for e.g. optimization of microorganisms in the production of compounds. Also, different reactions and effects of therapeutics can be analysed and explained. A further area of work of our lab is the evaluation of the vast amounts of data, produced by up-to-date measurement methods and processes of systems biology.


8th Pharma Relay

8th Pharmastaffellauf will again take place at the Schlossberg: Please register your teams more information here.

NANPDB: Publication of Natural products database

NANPDB: Compilation of Natural products from North Africa. Database for drug discovery. Please find here the related article.

SeMPI - Publication of new web server

SeMPI: a genome-based secondary metabolite prediction and identification web server. Please find here the related article.

Text mining application

New Text mining application is now online available. Please find here the related article.

New Member: Paul Zierep

We welcome Paul Zierep as new Member of the Research group.

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