Kiran Kumar Telukunta, M.Sc.

Kiran Kumar Telukunta, M.Sc.

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Kiran K Telukunta studied his bachelors in India at Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University affiliated college. His Bachelor Thesis dealt with study on Parallel computing.

He did his Masters at TU Freiburg, Germany with major in Artificial Intelligence and Minor in Bioinformatics and he did his Master Thesis in the chair of Bioinformatics collaborating Machine learning Techniques which dealt with ncRNA and its structure, titled "Secondary structure motif determination in ncRNA via graph kernel based computation models".

During his Masters studies he worked in research group at the Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institute as a research assistant on the implementation of complex graphical user interface for a numerical simulation code. He also worked in SFB sponsored project at Cognitive Department of University of Freiburg.

He is involved in Cheminformatics, Database and Machine Learning related projects. He also takes care of IT infrastructure of the group.

Currently he is working on Fragment based target detection methods.

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